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The foreword to
Turning The Solomon Key
by Katherine Neville
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Turning The Solomon Key
Why Research Astrology?
A Theory of Dowsing
How Radio Works
Newton's Rules of Logic
Calculation of Ionicspheric Turbulence
The Solomon Key Symbol
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Continuing one man's investigation of the mysterious rituals of Freemasonry

~ A landmark study of the unknown science of Masonic Astrology ~

~ The book at the Centre of The Turning Trilogy - bringing Science and Spirituality Together in Harmony ~

US Edition


Decoding the Masonic symbols and history of Washington DC


The international bestselling writer and co-author of THE HIRAM KEY series

UK Edition

Turning the Solomon Key is an exhilarating quest to uncover the Masonic influences which George Washington brought to bear on the layout of the Federal City.

Transworld, the publisher of Dan Brown in the UK, have now released a paperback edition of Turning the Solomon Key, to complement The Lost Symbol and allow Dan Brown fans to fill in their background information about the Masonic secrets built into Washington DC.

Turning the Solomon Key delves into the true history behind many of the symbols and mysteries that feature in Dan Brown's latest international bestseller, The Lost Symbol, and is essential reading for all who want to discover the real significance to the Masonic secrets of Washington DC. It is the book which first revealed the full detail of the Masonic influences which George Washington brought to bear on the layout of the Federal City.

Using Masonic rituals and Washington's own diaries Lomas uncovers the symbolic reasoning behind the positionng of the White House and the Capitol, and in the process disposes of many anti-Masonic urban myths. This exciting, and authoritative, detective story then investigates the sources of creative behavior, to reveal a hitherto unsuspected Secret Science of Masonic Astrology which underpinned Washington's actions.

Lomas's previous book Turning The Hiram Key is the first of a trilogy investigating the purpose of three ritual keys to Freemasonry held by legendary Grand Masters: Hiram Abif, Solomon, King of Israel and Hiram, King of Tyre. For the last five years, Lomas has been researching the role that the Masonic rituals of Solomon played in inspiring America's most famous Freemason, George Washington.

The rising of the Bright Morning Star, so celebrated in Masonic ritual, does have a measurable affect on creativity and achievement in a society. Combining the work of statisticians, economists and anthropologists, with his knowledge of ionospheric physics, leads Lomas to startling insights about the mechanisms which underpin Masonic astrology.

Lomas shows how George Washington was a prime candidate to become a high achiever and was sensitized by patterns of ionospheric pulses which helped shape his growing brain. This new scientific investigation of an ancient Masonic myth says he would have been inspired to new creative heights when the Bright Morning Star appeared in the dawn sky without knowing why. Washington's Masonic knowledge of the ritual of the Key of Solomon explains this spiritual uplift and Lomas shows how he set out to share this source of Masonic inspiration with his newly founded country.

In America: A Prophesy, published in 1793, William Blake cast George Washington in the role of Grand Master Solomon. He mapped out a three fold task for him:

  • To loosen the chains that bound his people
  • To unlock the dungeon doors to the light of the bright morning star
  • To build a new Jerusalem on the plains of America

Blake set George Washington the job of embedding the secrets of the Masonic Solomon Key into the new republic. This book explains how Bro George used the rituals of Masonic Astrology to create an enduring inspiration for his people.

The theory of Masonic astrology, deduced from studying the work, life and writings of George Washington, explains a mechanism by which the bright birth-star which nurtured a baby�s brain as it was forming, when it moves back near the Sun, can resonantly tickle that person's neurons to create sources of inspiration and creativity.

The builder of Washington DC knew a great secret about the human condition. In this book, Scientist and Masonic Expert Robert Lomas explains exactly what it was.