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The foreword to
Turning The Solomon Key
by Katherine Neville
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Turning The Solomon Key
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The Symbol of The Solomon Key as seen by Robert Lomas

Towards the end of Turning The Solomon Key, Robert says this about symbolism.

Does Masonic ritual suggest what form the Solomon Key might take? In Turning the Hiram Key, I combined Masonic symbols to illustrate The Hiram Key and said this about it.

Masonic truths are traditionally illuminated by symbols, so I have drawn a symbol of the Hiram Key that represents my truth and feelings about Masonry. The symbol is threefold, and I will describe it from my scientist�s viewpoint, although you may choose to interpret it differently. The head of the key, the part I hold to turn it, is made up of the mystic sign. [Which is what Freemasons call the combination of the Square and Compasses.] The square represents the independence of the brain�s autonomous systems of arousal and quiescence. The compass symbolizes a tool to measure, control, and understand their responses. Together, the square and compasses combine to form the lozenge-shaped handle for the key. It is linked by a square-section shaft to the symbol of the center, the shape that engages with and unlocks the Glory there. It is a circle bounded by two pillars, and represents the balance between light and darkness, good and bad, arousal and quiescence, the center and the periphery. At the middle of the circle is the point from which you can no longer err.

This is the key that is traditionally held by Hiram Abif, who in Masonic myth is the widow's son who was murdered before the Temple was completed. This is what I said about the three keys to Freemasonry:

Traditionally there are three Grand Masters who conduct the rituals of the Temple, and each knows a different part of the secret of Freemasonry. They are Hiram, King of Tyre; Hiram Abif; and Solomon, King of Israel. Each holds one of three keys to the mystery. Hiram of Tyre holds the key to the secrets of where and what to build, Hiram Abif holds the key to the secrets of death and rebirth, but Solomon holds the key to understanding the purpose of the Temple and the import of the bright morning star that shines into it when it is consecrated. His task is to continually build the New Jerusalem as a sacred place for the Divine Shekinah to shine its benign rays over all the human race.

The Solomon Key is the key to creative behavior and the source of Masonic inspiration. It is the key that inspired Bro. Washington to view the bright morning star at dawn and then to turn from the brightness of the East, which in Freemasonry represents spiritual inspiration, through an angle of ninety degrees, or the fourth part of a circle, to face the South. The South signifies light and knowledge, and on the evening after the rising of the bright morning star above the Capitol, the Holy Royal Arch of the Zodiac as it was at the founding of the Temple of Solomon will appear in the night sky to the South. So my symbol of the Solomon Key will be similar to the Hiram Key with the shaft rotated through a right angle, to show that it represents not a quest, but an inspiration drawn from Masonic principles of spiritual intelligence and knowledge.

This symbol, in the form of a sterling silver pendant, will soon be available from Delyth.